Trucker Path: Everything You Need To Know

Trucker Path

If you’ve spent any time on the road, you likely know what trucker path is and what it does. However, new drivers might be unfamiliar with it. Even for seasoned vets though, there might be some stuff in this blog you might not know about!

What Is Trucker Path

Trucker Path is an all-in-one trucking solution that helps drivers, carriers, brokers, and pretty much everyone in the supply chain. It is the most used mobile app in North America for commercial truck drivers.

The app does a number of things including compliance and fleet telematics, advanced transport management, fleet navigation, and more. For drivers, Trucker Path gives you comprehensive navigation with over 300,000 points of interest. Find the closest truck stop, parking, weigh station status, and more, right through the app.

Another cool feature Trucker Path has is the ability to easily find fuelling stations. Not only that, but it also tells you the price, so you can plot the most efficient and money-saving route.

But if that wasn’t enough savings for you…

Fuel Discount Program

Launched in late March (2023), the Fuel Discount Program is an awesome new way for drivers to save even more when filling up. According to Trucker Path, the average savings are around 50 to 70 dollars per transaction!

How It Works

Using the app, without any additional credit checks and no additional costs, drivers can participate with the app they already use on a daily basis. Drivers simply need to reserve the amount of fuel they need, or you can purchase and be approved in seconds on arrival.

On top of the fuel savings, businesses can also offer additional discounts and deals for products and servers other than fuel! Great news, seeing as we all like to stock and fuel up in one stop (efficiency is the name of the game, after all.)

With this new addition, on top of the fuel-saving benefits that trip planning in Trucker Path already offers, it’s sort of a no-brainer.

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Top 100 Truck Stops

Finally, to end on a bit of a fun note, Trucker Path also released its list of top 100 truck stops for 2022. Using over 8.5 million ratings, reviews, and feedback from drivers, they determined the absolute best places truckers to stop.

You can find the complete list here, but the winners for the top three categories were:


  1. Rainbow Trucker’s Lounge in West Wendover, Nevada
  2. Bert’s Travel Plaza in Wellsville, Kansas
  3. Stone’s Truck Stop in Watertown, South Dakota
  4. Pinehurst Gas N Go in Pinehurst, Georgia
  5. Iowa 80 in Walcott, Iowa


  1. Kwik Start #1071 in Davenport, Iowa
  2. Love’s Travel Stop #827 in Moses Lake, Washington
  3. Workman’s Travel Centre in Ozark, Arkansas
  4. TA Express Vermillion #275 in Burbank, South Dakota
  5. Roadstar Travel Center in Jarrell, Texas

The overall top spot went to Kwik Star, and they were very happy to have received the win. “This recognition means so much since we know it comes directly from our Professional Driver guests,” said Steve Wrobel from Kwik Trip’s Public Relations.

For more information about the app (and the new fuel-saving program) head over to the website.