Truck Driver Trip-Planning Tips!

Truck Driver Trip Planning

Who wouldn’t want to eliminate stress while saving time and money? No one that’s who! With these truck driver trip-planning tips, you’ll be doing exactly that!

Before we jump into the tips, let’s go over some of the most compelling reasons planning your trip is a must. Without trip planning you could: 

  • Run out of fuel.
  • Have to drive far out of your way to eat or pick up food.
  • Be stuck with no overnight rest area.
  • Take a wrong turn and have to backtrack.
  • End up in an unknown or unsafe area.
  • Damage your driving record.

Our Tips For Truck Driver Trip Planning

We think avoiding those consequences is reason enough to plan your trips, but as we said before, it will also reduce stress and save you time and money.

Do It Every Time!

After more than a few trips, you might start feeling like you don’t need to plan your trip. After all, you know the route, the roads, and the stops, right? Not so fast.

Even the most experienced drivers should still start their day with a plan. Roads close, construction starts, and things change. It’s hard to know exactly what has happened on the route since you last drove it, so always plan your trip. Your first day to your last!

Have A Backup Plan

Speaking of things changing, unless you have a crystal ball nestled next to your lunch bag, it’s impossible to predict everything. However, the next best thing is being prepared.

Alternate routes and stops will give you flexibility and ensure you’re never too far from a bite to eat or some shut-eye. Always have a plan B (and even a plan C!).

Repairs and Tires

Sometimes the road isn’t the only thing that refuses to cooperate.

Unexpected things can happen to your truck and everything on (or in) it. Knowing where the closest repair and tire shops are along your route will save you an even bigger headache when something goes wrong.

Good Eats

A truck is just a hunk of metal with four wheels and an engine until a driver gets behind the wheel! Always remember: The most important part of the delivery is you!

We all bring snacks along with us for the trip but don’t forget some emergency supplies too. A few non-perishable food items and extra water can help you stay hydrated and fed in the event of an extended delay.

Dash To Get A Dash Cam

While this one might not strictly be “prep”, we think it’s important, and you can’t stop us from including it!

There’s no question that truck drivers need to be safe on the road. If an accident occurs, it likely won’t be us who get injured or worse. However, you can’t always account for other drivers acting unsafely. A dash cam will help protect you, both legally and in peace of mind.