We emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever. We continued to grow with a new transit hub and warehouse in Seattle, and also expanded with local delivery and warehousing to provide quicker turnaround for Drivers. We also completed our 1000 trip to the coast, with the same Driver who completed trip 1.


As we continued working through COVID-19, we maintained our high service standards and support for our Drivers, shippers, and receivers. All while celebrating our 5th anniversary.


Completing our dream of having a true family business, we continued to grow. My wife Sandra joined the team and my niece Melissa also joined on as our Safety & Compliance Officer. Our newest sales team member, Andrew, also joined us. With the onset of COVID-19, many challenges were faced, but we continued to support […]


Continued growth led to another exciting warehouse expansion, this time to 7500sqft.


In March, we moved to a new location with double the space, allowing us to continue growing and maintain the standard of service Darunco was founded on.


After 19 years of independent trucking under sole proprietorship the decision was made to expand Darunco Specialized as a Carrier. The knowledge of business ownership was there, and we began learning the Fleet Management side of trucking. In July, we started in a basement with one truck and one dispatcher, my son, Joseph. In September, […]


Welcomed our first Independent Contractor, adding another truck to our fleet. My second son Jordan joined the company. In April, we moved into our first 2500sqft warehouse and brought on our fourth company truck.