Here at Darunco we focus on great time management and exemplary customer relationships. This family-oriented business works hard at making sure their employees are first. Darryl, the owner, has gone above and beyond to accommodate my health needs in relation to these COVID restrictions. Any other employer would have just let me go. I came […]


Working 25 years in the printing industry, I never thought transportation would interest me. Talking to Darryl one day during a chance meeting my interest in the industry grew. Since I started working for Darunco I earned the trust of the owner and became more involved in decisions for the company.


Trying to find stable secure income in transportation is difficult at times. So, when Darryl mentioned what he is doing and asked me to join him, I accepted. Being part of a family orientated business has allowed for better home time with a simplified schedule to make plans with. Having been with Darunco from the […]

Darryl Rutherford

Darryl founded Darunco Specialized over 25 years ago intending to change the trucking industry for the better. Darunco is designed to provide best-in-class shipping services to clients of all sizes to relieve companies of weighty shipping logistics. Darryl’s goals are to offer sustainable, inclusive, and healthy career opportunities that don’t get in the way of […]


I was working for a company running LTL to the west coast. I met Daryl Rutherford (president of Darunco) at a cartage company in Seattle WA. We became good friends to the point that he lent me $50 when I was short on cash, with no support from my company at the time. One day […]


After 25 years of military service, I was looking for a new challenge. Darryl and the Darunco Team offered me the opportunity to challenge myself in a new industry. The family feeling and team cohesion is reflective of the environment from my military service.


Having worked for Darunco for almost 4 years the appreciation for the employee is amazing. When I relocated away from the main office, I was offered the ability to work from home. This allowed me to remain a valued member of the Darunco Team.