Weird And Wonderful Road Signs That Really Exist

Road Signs

Stop, one way, yield, and parking. We’re so used to seeing a huge number of road signs that they become second nature to us. However, we’ve come across a few that earned a second look.

Luckily, you’re likely not going to see any of these signs close to home, so you don’t need to commit them to memory.

Either way, we think they’re either unique or funny enough to make the cut for our list.

Beware Of Invisible Cows

As much as we hoped this was about some sort of ninja cow with incredible stealth skills, the real reasoning behind the sign is still funny:

“Most of the Mauna Kae access road below Hale Pohaku is open cattle range, and the cows frequently cross the road. Dark coloured cows are often invisible in darkness and/or fog, Use extreme caution and drive very slowly in this open range.”

So, the next time you’re mad that there’s construction or something else blocking the road, just be thankful it isn’t an invisible cow.

If You Hit This, You’ll Hit Bridge

We all know that overpasses and low barriers have signage to warn tall trucks about clearance levels. However, this sign has a bit of fun with it. If you hear a bang while passing under it, maybe take the next turn and avoid that bridge.

Water On Road During Rain

Listen, we know that faith in humanity is a bit of a hot-button topic right now, but can we at least give people a little credibility?

Instead of warning people about landslides, adverse driving conditions, or sinkholes, this sign warns drivers that the road will be wet when it’s raining.

We would be a little concerned if it was dry when it’s raining, but that’s just us.

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Speed Limit 12 ½

We all try to go the speed limit, but near this sign, you apparently have to do so with surgical precision.

Are you going 13 mph? Whoa, whoa, whoa, Slow down. How about 12 mph? Well, now you’re holding everyone up! Step on it!

Beware Of Road Surprises

While you can probably chalk this sign up to bad translation, we love it anyway.

Instead of something horrible, we like to imagine that there’s a group of people hiding with a birthday cake who will pop out and sing a song without warning.

Probably not though.

Go Ahead Drink And Drive

A little reverse psychology.

Instead of telling people not to drink and drive, this sign takes an alternate approach by giving helpful directions to the local jail, hospital, and morgue. If you do something as stupid as drinking and driving, you’re more than likely going to end up at one of those three places anyway.