How To Become A Truck Driver: Everything You Need To Know!

How To Become A Truck Driver

You’re thinking about life on the road, but are a little unsure of the steps on how to become a truck driver. Well, we’ve got you covered!

Besides being the backbone of our society’s supply chain, a career in trucking can be extremely rewarding. Before we dive into the how let’s take a minute to talk about why becoming a truck driver is a fantastic opportunity.

Why Become A Truck Driver?

There are so many reasons that trucking is a challenging and rewarding career:


Even when you just begin, trucking salaries start at around 50,000 a year. Once you have some experience that number can jump up to a 6-digit income!


Most trucking companies offer all the standard health benefits, including health, dental, vision, and life insurance.


Do you want to work more and pack away that income? Need to work a bit less to spend some time with the family? Trucking offers nearly unparalleled freedom when it comes to choosing the type and amount of work you want to do.


Never underestimate just how much of your country you can see while actually making money! Why not time your vacation to align with a drop-off? Spend your holidays in a new city with travel already covered!

No Degree, No Problem

Getting your trucking licence doesn’t require you to spend 2 years in school, or spend tens of thousands of dollars either. You can get your licence in just over 100 hours of training, and some companies will even cover the costs if you work a contract with them after you’re trained!

How To Become A Truck Driver

As we have already said, becoming a truck driver isn’t a long drawn-out process. It’s pretty streamlined, so you’ll be hopping in the driver’s seat (and making good money) pretty quickly!

There are a few different types of licences you can get but let’s look at a full class A licence as an example. Here are the requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a valid driver’s licence (in Ontario, it must be something other than a G1, G2, M, M1, or M2)
  • Pass a vision test, a knowledge test, a road test, and submit a medical report

How will you be ready for the tests? Well, there is a mandatory entry-level training course you must also complete. It will teach you everything you need to know about safely operating a large truck and will only take you 103.5 hours total (35.5 in class, 17 in the yard, and 50 in-cab with an instructor). The entire course can be completed in as little as two months!

For those looking to become a truck driver in Ontario, you can find more information about each licence and the mandatory course by clicking here.

See you on the road!