Having Fun On The Road: 7 Things For Drivers To Do!

Having Fun On The Road

The life of a Driver is one spent on the move. It’s a life that calls to those who enjoy fresh air, peace, and solitude. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t also be having fun on the road!

From activity driving to the downtime in between, we’ve collected a few of the best ways our drivers make the most of their trucking time.


If you are the type of person who loves putting their nose into a good book, grabbing a subscription to Audible or just buying individual audiobooks means you can stay caught up on your reading.

On the other hand, Audiobooks are also a fantastic way for those who might not enjoy books, to get into the hobby. The best part is that there’s an audiobook for practically everybody under the sun, whether you want to dive into a fictional story, learn about some real-world history, or get your “educate-on”.


If an audiobook doesn’t tickle your fancy, it’s really hard to overestimate just how many different kinds of podcasts exist.

If you’ve never tried one, you’re probably imagining a group of people, sitting around microphones, talking about life. While there are certainly more than a few of these, there are so many more. Deep explorations of military history? Comedy shows? Unsolved mysteries? Check, check, and check. Whatever your interests are, it’s a guarantee that there’s someone out there making a podcast about it. 


We’ve known a few Drivers who love journaling as a way to get their thoughts out and remember all the details they come across while on the road. After all, how many times have you thought “oh, I’ll definitely remember that” only for it to never enter your brain again?

Another option is to do an audio or video journal. The cool kids call that Vlogging. Record some videos and share your experience on the road with the world!

Staying Active

Unless you’re transporting a fully functioning L.A. Fitness, you’re probably going to want to get the blood pumping every once in a while!

You could always search for nearby nature routes or hiking trails to explore in your downtime! If you want to get some strength training in, there are plenty of workout routines online made specifically for Drivers!

Collecting Souvenir

Grabbing some small knick knacks and gifts for friends and family is always nice, but we’re talking about spoiling yourself!

It can be something as simple as a postcard too. Find one type of item, and everywhere you go try to find it. Once you have been Driving long enough (like Mr. 1000), you’ll have a collection of souvenirs from all the places you have visited over your career!

Pursue Creativity

We mentioned journaling above, which is a fantastic first step into proper writing!

However, it doesn’t stop there. Many of our Drivers have developed new creative skills while they’re on the road including learning an instrument like a guitar, learning how to craft something, or practicing their artistic skills!

We’re curious: what do you do to stay busy and have fun on the road?